SwaSwara produce fresh & natural foods from our organic vegetable farm
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You Are What You Eat

The adage that ‘you are what you eat’ is a given truth at SwaSwara. Good food- planned and appropriate - is an intrinsic part of wellness. They are chosen made with care to hasten the process of wellness in you.
You are welcome to visit our interactive kitchen gallery to understand and partake of this intensive and complex culinary process dedicated to wellbeing.
Much thought goes into the ingredients for the SwaSwara kitchen . We prefer to make food that is grown in harmony with nature, ripened naturally on healthy soil and cooked with an air of mindfulness. Our fresh produce - from the organic vegetable farm at SwaSwara and the neighbourhood - consists of seasonal tropical fruits,vegetables and freshly caught seafood. These are complemented with juices and herbal teas. Dairy and eggs are limited in their use as is the use of oils in our preparations. For those on the Swa Wellbeing, wine is offered. Our menu does not feature meats, hard liquor, refined sugar or refined flour.

Food For The Soul