Chittor Kottaram - A private getaway on the backwaters
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A King’s Abode


Resting on the banks of the quaint backwaters of Kerala, the heritage mansion is witness to over three centuries of history. Take a short boat-ride from mainland Kochi to arrive at a destination that has been home to ancient cultures. Soak in the understated grandeur of a structure with wooden roofs on which time slipped on, and magnificent architecture designed to transport you to a bygone era.
Way back in the eighteenth century, an enlightened monarch discovered that power is not about cavalries, splendour is not about gold, and true sovereignty is the freedom to surrender to the divine. That’s when the Rajah of Cochin built a temple for his family deity in the quiet hamlet of Chittoor. A fervent devotee, he soon realized that he could not stay away from the temple. So he built himself a manor just fifty yards away from the temple. Simple, elegant and regal, it housed an entourage that would cater to him when he visited the temple. And thus came into being Chittoor Kottaram. A king’s residence sprawling with true-blooded majesty, without all the glitz.
Today, Chittoor Kottaram stands testimony to the legacy of a long-lost kingdom. An ideal destination for couples looking for an intimate getaway. Right from the moment you arrive on a boat, you get transported to a timeless era. At the entrance, your personal entourage extends a traditional welcome. There are no other guests, the entire staff is dedicated to serve just you.
Life At Chittoor

History, Culture, Community