Experience the traditions of Kerala | Chittoor Kottaram
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Backwater Cruising

In the evenings, a sunset cruise on the backwaters will take you on a tour of your kingdom, chugging past idyllic villages snuggled amidst coconut groves. You return at dusk to diya-studded lawns with a glow that reflects your state of mind.

Private Performance

If you wish to be entertained, performances can be arranged for – traditional dance and music artists will play exclusively for you as you lean back and savour the moment.

Explore Fort Kochi's Heritage

The historic town of Fort Kochi is just an hour away by road or boat from Chittoor Kottaram. Wander around to explore the vibrant cultures and heritage of the city with many histories.

Visit Muziris Archeological Site

Visit Muziris, the ancient port on the Malabar coast that dates back 3000 year. Learn more about this historic site that was host to Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptian, Roman, Arab, Phoenician and Chinese traders.

Shopping for Kerala's Treasures

People have travelled across the sea for its spices. Do not miss the old spice market to buy your fresh stock! Kerala's traditional textiles and bell metal works are well known around the world. Over the years, this vibrant city offers a mix of the traditional and the contemporary, from traditional sarees and illuminating gold jewellery to designer stores selling handloom clothing. Ernakulam has plenty to offer.