Maison Perumal - Experience the Tamil culture
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Feel Quite at Home

To be a guest in a gracious Tamil home was once an honoring experience of a very high kind. In those traditional times, a guest was perceived as a member of the household and treated indulgently. It is this special experience that we have successfully recreated at Maison Perumal. Put simply, we're a family. And that's how we make you feel. So welcome to a simple and relaxed way of life that echoes the elegant guest traditions of Tamil Nadu with a gentle French accent, which together make for a truly ennobling experience.

It's All In The Detail

Period Furniture

The period furniture at Maison Perumal symbolises a simplicity and elegance that was characteristic of prosperous Tamil households of yore.

Glassy Hues

The stained glass balconies at the hotel offset the familiar white plaster of local houses to create a distinct identity.

Novel Fixtures

Again, in deference to tradition and our own obsession for the novel, the rooms at Maison Perumal are fitted with the famous 'Dindigul' locks & keys, reputed for their antique and intricate designs.