Mantra Koodam- A voyage into the past
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In the Embrace of Divinity

Veppathur, Kumbakonam

Mantra Koodam is a divine experience nestled in Veppathur, Kumbakonam – the town of 5,000 temples. The property is designed like an ‘agraharam’ – the characteristically Brahmin street lined with ‘illams’ (homes). It’s a tribute to the region’s heritage and its historic stature as a seat of power in South India. The living spaces offer a window into what was once a predominant way of life, where cultures, communities and traditions thrived in harmony. The chimes of the tolling bell that welcome you, are a precursor to the sublime experience that awaits. You step into a street modeled after a typical 'agraharam' – literally translating into ‘garland of houses’. These houses, or ‘illams’, line both sides of the streets. The cottages are designed like traditional Tamil homes – with large verandahs, Athangudi tiles on the floor, ornate Burmese teak doors and open-to-air bathrooms. Strolling through the property, you will come across lush green coconut groves, temple shrines and the occasional peacock that has made a home here. The landscape takes your senses on a much deeper journey, elevating your holiday to a higher level of transcendence.
Journey to a sacred place