Mantra Koodam - Taste the delicious Kumbakonam Degree Coffee
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A Synergy of Flavours

Mantra Koodam brings the distinctive taste of Cholanadu cuisine that sings of traditional flavours and local tales. All meals here are carefully prepared, keeping in mind the delicate balance of the four primary flavours: sweet, spicy, bitter and sour. Every dish on the menu carries years of tradition handed down over generations, perfected over time. A playground for spices, the unique character of these dishes is the ingenious blend of spices such as star anise, with other Indian ingredients that draw you into a sensory explosion. The primary diet of the region being vegetarian, the chef conjures up his kitchen magic to bring unpredictable yet unbelievably tasty flavours together. You can even try your own hand at cooking at an interactive cooking session, where you’ll get to learn age-old secrets of a delightful cuisine.