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A Rich and Relaxing Tamil Temple Experience at Mantra Koodam Mantra Koodam

Travelers across South India often plan a stop to see the ancient Chola Dravidian architecture Brihadishwara Temple at Tanjuvar. However also on the Hindu pligram trail is Kumbakonam where CGH Earth’s Mantra Koodam is offering an alternate Tamil temple experience in affordable luxury. Click here


This new sanctuary nested in opulent paddy fields opens to a shrine set on a tree-lined temple tank. Cottages and bungalows scatter across preened gardens. Bathrooms with open-air showers thrill while the pool splashes urbanity upon the emphatic rural experience. On the restaurant’s gardened verandas relish vegetarian maharaja thalis whose compositions weave in nuanced flavours as intricate as the famous silk saris woven around here. Then the Mantra tea kadai charmingly recreates a village tea shop with complimentary local snacks. Discover fabled Kumbakonam Degree Coffee prepared fresh tumbling coffee across filters held a metre apart. Click here