Marari Beach – An Ideal Place for relaxation therapy.
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A Large Cool Pool

Our large Salt-Water swimming pool is always holding out a welcome to you to jump in and swim. More so on a hot day when the urge to cool off can be overpowering. Soak in its clean and clear water to feel refreshed.

Be Restored

Avail of a range of herbal massages and relaxing therapies at our Ayurveda center to restore you to a state of well-being.

Gifts to Remember

Explore our gift shop to find little treasures from around Kerala that your loved ones will cherish. There is a fine range of unique crafts that are local in nature and traditional in spirit.

Know your Place

Mararikulam and its surroundings are marked by a unique bio diversity. Join our naturalist at the interpretation center to know more about this captivating sea side village and its natural history.

Unite Body and Mind

The yoga centre at Marari is open daily for sessions guided by experts. You are also welcome to watch and interact with our Ayurveda therapists as they practice their rigorous and complex Kalari Payattu asanas every other day, and learn a few if you will.

WiFi, yes.

We have WiFi across our property to enable you to catch up on work or with friends and family. When you are with us. But remember that you enjoy a CGH Earth holiday best when you are unplugged and free up your senses to let nature overwhelm you for a change. The results are noticeable.

Books by the Sea

Our cottage by the beach side has a small library of books to help you spend a lazy afternoon browsing on a hammock in a coconut grove. You could also repair there with your own book if you need some quiet space for some serious reading aided by the rustling sounds of palm fronds and the crash of ocean waves not far away.