The Land Near the Open Sea

1400 kilometres from Mainland India lies the mystical Andaman and Nicobar Islands with the Bay of Bengal to its west and the Andaman Sea to the east. An archipelago made up of 572 islands, the Andamans is the quintessential getaway for the traveller hungry for experiences in nature, or the wanderer looking for their next escape.

These stunning islands boast cerulean seas, exotic marine life, littoral (wetland) forests just waiting to be explored, Havelock Island is one of them. On the eastern face of Havelock Island is the two-kilometre long Vijaynagar Beach (Beach no: 5) with pristine white sand, tranquil blue waters, and awe-inspiring panoramic views of the island’s landscapes; and it is on these shores that CGH Earth’s Tilar Siro Andamans finds home.

The name, Tilar Siro comes from the original inhabitants of the Andaman archipelago, the Great Andamanese Tribe, who referred to the island as 'Thi-Lar-Siro', ‘Thi’ means Earth, ‘Lar’ means from and ‘Siro’ means Sea.
For the Great Andamanese Tribe, it was the land emerging from the sea, or the land facing the open sea. Recorded in the oral history of the Great Andamanese Tribe, they would go hunting for turtles in the waters surrounding this island. Thil-lar-siro is also known as the island of turtles. Tilar Siro Andamans captures the signature CGH Earth spirit – while enthralling you with an undiluted Andamans experience.

Detached from the mainland,
into the Treasure Island.



Bay of Bengal

Andaman & Nicobar Islands,

Coordinates: 11.9761° N, 92.9876° E

Andaman & Nicobar
Islands, India

Andaman Sea



Coordinates: 11.9761° N, 92.9876° E

Havelock Island
(Swaraj Dweep)


Andaman Sea

Coordinates: 11.9761° N, 92.9876° E

Nestled between a verdant rainforest and white sand beaches, Tilar Siro evokes the tranquillity associated with your ideal island escape. Bid adieu to the drudgery of work life, and step into spaces that resonate the serene calm of island life, where you can experience the raw beauty of nature, from the comfort and luxury of your room.

Fresh seafood is the highlight of the Tilar Siro menu. It also features regional and international cuisines that take your taste buds on a memorable journey.

Tilar Siro Diving Experiences

The Andamans is a diver’s paradise, reputed for offering an enchanting diving experience regardless of one’s proficiency.

We have partnered with Lacadives, one of the renowned diving schools in the region, to bring a number of PADI certified courses to suit all skill levels. We also offer customised dive packages for our guests.

Enchanting  Island Experiences

Havelock Island offers much on the land to intrigue and excite those who want to experience more than diving. The island is home to many exotic species of flora and fauna and is sure to excite the inner naturalist in everyone!

Tilar Siro hosts spacious rooms that are modernist and minimal, yet luxuriously set against a lush tropical garden, facing the sea. Wake up to the sights and sounds of a tropical paradise that soothes the soul, and rejuvenates the spirit.

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