Brunton Boatyard- Unwind and Relax with Ayurveda
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A Pool for all Seasons

The pool at Brunton Boatyard is an anytime indulgence. You can use it to cool off after a hectic ramble through the historic streets of Fort Kochi or when you feel like some brisk laps to get your sluggish circulation going. Even in the monsoon the pool remains inviting for those who are born water friendly.

Tone up with Ayurveda

Experience a range of healing herbal massages and relaxing therapies to help you unwind and perk up. You owe it to yourself.


Wifi is available across the property. Still, we suggest that you get to go unplugged as much as you can to soak in the aura of Fort Kochi, the beach and life around.

For the truly busy only

Ideally when on holiday with us we want our guests to disconnect from their daily routines to experience life first hand at our destinations. However, we have a business centre to take care of your needs just in case it is unavoidable.

Keep fit

Our properties are very walker friendly. We believe that there are few substitutes for walking. It helps you observe more and is a wonderful form of exercise that can be enjoyed by everybody. There is also yoga for those who need something more active. However, for those who equate exercise with power and sweat we have fitness machines to meet this requirement as well. So stay fit in multiple ways while at Brunton Boatyard.