Brunton Boatyard- History on the Harbour
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The rooms of Brunton Boatyard overlook the sea as do their en-suite bathrooms, the others have quaint views of the pier and Fort Kochi town. There are few pleasures to rival that of watching lazy ships and fishing boats or gamboling dolphins while going about your ablutions. You will also catch some stunning sunsets over the palm-fringed shores of Vypin Island close by and hear the cry of cormorants and gulls from your room, drawing you into a different world.

Details Matter

Truly vintage

The wooden high ceiling, the terracotta floors, lime plastered walls and old teak wood furniture tell the story of Fort Kochi's colonial heritage. The old portraits, photographs and maps add to the charm of this vintage hotel.

From a bathroom window

A sunny afternoon spent soaking in a tub, watching life go by at the harbour is one of the many alternative ways to see Fort Kochi's many shades.

Geo Brunton's Boatyard, circa 1895

George Brunton and Sons were once among the most respected shipbuilders in Kochi. The location of their old boatyard was perfect, on a quiet harbour-front deep in the heart of Fort Cochin, where every by-lane could whisper tales from the city's colourful past. Here, we set about recreating the world of 19th century Malabar, using the precise building materials of the time - brick, lime, wood and terracotta.