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Walking around the Fort Kochi already tells a good sum up of the history of Cochi. They have the still-standing the oldest church built by Europeans, St. Francis Church; the 500-year old Portuguese Mansion, the Vasco house; the Dutch’s bastion-turned-museum, the Bastion Bungalow; and the former elite club of the British, the Cochin Club. Click here

Staying at The Brunton Boatyard, a Fort Kochi Heritage Hotel – India Brunton Boatyard

One of the things that I look for when I travel is places and experiences that connect me to the culture and history of a destination. This comes in a variety of shapes. It could be a local dish, a journey by public transport or staying at a historic place. This is why I was so excited about my stay at the Brunton Boartyard, a heritage hotel in Fort Kochi that is steeped in local history in more than one way. Click here

Exploring Kerala with CGH Earth, Brunton Boatyard ˗ BOE Magazine (The Business of Everything) Brunton Boatyard ˗ March 21, 2016 Brunton Boatyard

It’s easy to imagine, a hundred years ago or more, the hulking timber forms of ships, masts outstretched, approaching Fort Cochin and being greeted by the glowing cream facade of Brunton Boatyard Hotel. The sea-facing rooms, with their ample balconies and comfortable whicker chairs, might hold waving guests who are spying out dolphins; the impressive outdoor pool would be resplendent with genteel folk taking their morning dip; and visitors would be clustered round the wrought iron tables of The Cafe, sipping Masala Chai. There is something about Brunton Boatyard that evokes nostalgia ˗ reminiscent of a more romantic time. Click here

Sunset, Dolphins And Heritage Galore At Brunton Boatyard In Cochin ˗ LBB Bangalore Brunton Boatyard Brunton Boatyard

With the picturesque harbour for a backyard, and a stately Victorian building to call home, Brunton Boatyard will be one of the things to make you want to go back to Cochin. Click here

A Boatyard Turned Boutique Hotel ˗ The Urge to Wander Brunton Boatyard ˗ March 15, 2016 Brunton Boatyard

You wouldn’t imagine from its almost monastic architecture, that this beautiful boutique hotel was resurrected from the remains of a Victorian ship building yard just under seventeen years ago.  A resurrection that appears to have taken pains to recreate the Portuguese/ Dutch Colonial vibe so intrinsic to Fort Cochin. Click here

A Love For Indian Cuisine ˗ The New Indian Express Brunton Boatyard ˗ May 9, 2015 Brunton Boatyard

As David Rocco stepped out of the Brunton Boatyard, hotel at Fort Kochi, a bus screeched to a halt in front of him. “Where do you want to go”? Said the conductor. ‘To the barber shop’ said David. The conductor nodded, David got on. And it stopped in front of a barber shop. “This can happen only in India”, says David. “A public transport bus makes an unscheduled stop, just for one person. And that is also the beauty of the country. It is so unpredictable” Click here

A Sweetness Called India ˗ The Hindu Brunton Boatyard ˗ March 13, 2015 Brunton Boatyard

David Rocco, anchor and producer of the TV show Dolce India, sees himself as an ambassador of India promoting the country through its distinctive cuisine and culture His beloved pasta has got curried and the tiramisu ‘coconutty’. But David Rocco, anchor and executive producer of Dolce India, a programme that showcases the wealth of Indian cuisine and the diversity of its culture, is excited about such innovative crossovers. Click here

Dispatches from Fort Kochi: The Brunton Boatyard - An ode to seafarers and the sea ˗ Nicobar Brunton Boatyard Brunton Boatyard

Just down the road from David Hall is The Brunton Boatyard. When you walk onto this beautiful, sprawling property, you walk right back in time and into a Victorian Shipyard. Its open-air reception is almost deck-reminiscent, and it is always home to a cool sea breeze. In its main courtyard you’ll find a giant restored anchor, around which the hotel is built. The hotel might be a relatively new structure, but it is so in sync with its surrounds that it melds effortlessly with Kochi’s other, more-historic facades. Click here

Brunton Boatyard a nautical blast from the past Brunton Boatyard

Entering the lobby of the Brunton Boatyard, off the traffic-filled streets of Cochin, is stepping into another world. During a recent site inspection of the hotel, a sturdy wood reception desk caught my eye first, a commanding presence in a space designed to evoke the essence of the site's history. Dating to the late 1800s, the Brunton Boatyard was home to the prestigious shipbuilding company George Brunton & Sons. Today the five-star hotel, owned by CGH Earth (formerly Casino Group of Hotels), is both one of the city's finest properties and an exhibition of its South Indian roots. Click here