Coconut Lagoon - Savour the traditional food of Kerala
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Some Enchanted Cuisine

Kerala is known to many for its dreamy waterways, misty mountains and bewitching coastlines. Its history and polity are no less reputed. But few know of the specialness of its cuisine - unique as it is enigmatic! At Aymanam, the lakeside restaurant at the Coconut lagoon, you will get initiated into the wonders of this distinct culinary tradition - real Kerala food, made with care as you would at home and served upon banana leaves to round off its authenticity. Look forward to age-old favorites of the region like fish curry and tapioca with crushed bird’s eye chilly - a dish for the fortunate, the venturesome and the hungry! Our buffet has rare recipes prized all around Kerala, that may be unknown to the outside world. No doubt a lot of these are centered around fish dishes, most notably ‘Karimeen’, the legendary Pearl spot fish of the backwaters. The nuances of its preparation are often the source of lengthy discourses(and arguments) among fish connoisseurs (yes there is such a tribe in this ancient land) who take their business - the fine art of fish preparation- quite seriously.

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