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Bird Watching

The Vembanad lake area abounds in many species of birds, quite a few of which are seen at our property over various seasons. Of these the Darter is the most visible as conservation efforts are slowly increasing their numbers.


Take a pleasant stroll, cross a little wooden bridge and you'll find yourself at our Ayurveda Centre. Here, you can try massages and treatments for everything from beauty and toning to rejuvenation and stress, all based on India's ancient healing art of Ayurveda. Unsure of what you need? Our experienced physicians will be happy to give you a free consultation and point you in the right direction.

Canoe Ride

Cruise along the multiple canals of Kumarakom to experience the life on the backwaters or take a canoe ride to explore Coconut Lagoon's canals.

Sunset Cruise

One of the best ways to enjoy the lake is to take our sunset cruise, an hour-long idyll with flute accompaniment. Water lovers might also enjoy taking an oar or punt-boat out on to the lake with one of the local fishermen, both for company and a steadying hand on the tiller. Within minutes, you're in a watery universe, so quiet, you can hear your own blood pumping around your head.

Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden is an experiment we tried many years ago. We found a space with natural moisture, sunlight and a profusion of wild flowers. Butterflies seemed to love the space, and we noticed varieties migrating in from miles away. All that remained was to add some flowing water, a few well-chosen plants and within weeks we had a garden alive with flashing wings. Coconut Lagoon also has some 54 species of dragonflies and damselflies, all evidence of a thriving ecosystem.

Floating Tea Shop

The life around backwaters is so dependant on being able to float from one place to the other. Our floating tea shop represents one of the aspects of this way of living. This also is a chance to meet our own Tea Lady from the village near the resort.


Paddle over the enchanting Kumarakom lake during you stay with us at Coconut Lagoon. The backwaters beckon you at sunrise. Go on a guided kayaking trip across tranquil backwaters and experience the languid pace of life in Kuttanad.

Electric Bicycles for Responsible Travellers at Coconut Lagoon

Protect the backwaters and reduce your carbon footprint by touring Vembanad on eco-friendly electric bikes. Discover life on the backwaters as you explore paddy fields, lakeside villages, and more with Vaan Electric Bicycles, now for hire at Coconut Lagoon.