Coconut Lagoon- Sojourn in the heritage of Kerala
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Kerala Tharavadu Heritage

Accommodation at the Coconut lagoon extends beyond the borders of mere comfort and contentment. We approach it as a distinctive experience and one that you will fondly recall for its uniqueness and variety. Every type of accommodation at our resort has its own mystique nested within it that will captivate you in its own way and manner. No two rooms are alike (just like us humans!) and have their own charms and secrets waiting to be discovered. Different as they are, every guest accommodation at the Coconut lagoon is united by an aesthetic agenda that is inspired and guided by ‘the regional’ and ‘the natural’. We have painstakingly sourced old furniture, artifacts and materials either directly from traditional manors or had them made by skilled craftspersons working with traditional materials to help manifest a rare holiday experience for you.

It's All In The Detail

Intricate carpentry

Kerala's carpentry is renowned for its precision and intricate carvings. The elegance of these homesteads, your cottages, is defined by the unique floral and geometric wooden adornments that highlight them.


The ornate locking system used on the wooden doors of traditional homes tell a story of wealth, refinement and evolved craftsmanship in a feudal time in Kerala's history.

Thachu Shastra

The traditional wood based architecture of Kerala is based on the architectural principles of Thachu Shastra, an ancient science of craftsmanship known for its deep understanding of materials - in this case wood - and its unique properties. A fascinating feature of this time renowned craft is that the wooden joinery of these structures do not use nails. That is how innovative and precise it is.