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Exploring Kerala with CGH Earth, Coconut Lagoon - BOE Magazine (The Business of Everything) Coconut Lagoon ˗ February 01, 2016 Coconut Lagoon

Approaching Coconut Lagoon from the shore, drifting across serene backwaters as the sun slowly dips below the horizon ˗ a fiery coin surrounded by a pink blush of sky ˗ sets the tone for the kind of place you’re about to experience. It really does take your breath away. There’s that beautiful stillness of dusk; the caw of one of the myriad of water birds that make their homes here; the swish of coconut trees caught by the breeze. A moment of utter peace. Click here

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Sustainable by Tradition ˗ CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon ˗ Green Pearls ˗ Unique Places Coconut Lagoon ˗ October 11, 2016 Coconut Lagoon

In our series “Sustainable by Tradition“, I look behind the scenes of the sustainable Green Pearls® Hotels. I would like to know more about the long traditions and history behind the properties and hosts, that make the hotels what they are today: unique green pearls. This second episode of the series leads us to Kottayam in India, where the Coconut Lagoon Resort awaits us with traditional architecture and values. Click here