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Responsible Travel in Kumarakom: Coconut Lagoon Kerala Coconut Lagoon

The words “Kerala Backwaters” are likely to conjure up images of dreamy, tranquil floating with not much to do, or simply, messing about in boats in one of the most picturesque parts of Southern India. There’s a certain irony in their name though, for – far from being sleepy backwaters – parts of Kerala’s famed waterways have become touristed en-masse. To a certain extent this self-acclaimed “Venice of the East” is afflicted by many of the same problems as its distant Italian cousin. Click here

Exploring Kerala with CGH Earth, Coconut Lagoon - BOE Magazine (The Business of Everything) Coconut Lagoon ˗ February 01, 2016 Coconut Lagoon

Approaching Coconut Lagoon from the shore, drifting across serene backwaters as the sun slowly dips below the horizon ˗ a fiery coin surrounded by a pink blush of sky ˗ sets the tone for the kind of place you’re about to experience. It really does take your breath away. There’s that beautiful stillness of dusk; the caw of one of the myriad of water birds that make their homes here; the swish of coconut trees caught by the breeze. A moment of utter peace. Click here

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Sustainable by Tradition ˗ CGH Earth Coconut Lagoon ˗ Green Pearls ˗ Unique Places Coconut Lagoon ˗ October 11, 2016 Coconut Lagoon

In our series “Sustainable by Tradition“, I look behind the scenes of the sustainable Green Pearls® Hotels. I would like to know more about the long traditions and history behind the properties and hosts, that make the hotels what they are today: unique green pearls. This second episode of the series leads us to Kottayam in India, where the Coconut Lagoon Resort awaits us with traditional architecture and values. Click here