Wayand Wild-Savour the local cuisine, unique to Wayanad
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Deliciously Regional

Meals at Wayanad Wild are understated yet unusual in their makeup and wholesomeness. Here too, like at all other CGH Earth resorts, local is central to the culinary vision. Our chef, who has now been with us for over three decades, understands this very well and dutifully visits the local markets to make the seasonal purchases himself. Our fish is fresh and comes straight from the harbour and from the river. A specialty here is Kingfish, stuffed with chillies and small onions, that makes for a flavorful repast. The rice most often served is Paalthondi, native to the district, and the special Bamboo rice that is painstakingly gathered and cleaned to make the local rice pudding, Payasam.
Our chef gives local cuisine local cuisine a healthy twist with wheat bran Puttu, Pazhampori encased in ragi, and millet Upma and Payasam. The hallmark of the menu here is the merging of delicious innovation with wholesomeness.
We do not have bar service at Wayanad Wild but our naturalists will definitely liven up your nights with stories of this biodiversity hotspot and night walks to spot some of the nocturnal creatures around you.