Wayanad Wild-Embark on an adventure to discover the wild
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Explore The Wild

Take a guided tour of our property with our naturalist to learn about local flora and fauna. Or be adventurous and trek out in the wilderness to experience the wild first hand. Do some bird-watching at the canopy or meander along with the streams. If you are a photography enthusiast, remember there’s a treasure trove of natural beauty here waiting to be captured.

Zip on down and walk back up

For the adrenaline driven we recommend a rapid transit via zip-line through a tea plantation. You can wander back up leisurely from the landing point, walking slowly through tea bushes.

Biking in the hills

The beckoning green slopes of the Wayanad hills offer beautiful opportunities for cycling enthusiasts. Be energised by the fresh mountain air and captivating vistas as you cycle around verdant hill slopes and lush tea plantations.

Bamboo rafting

For those who still remain hungry for more activities, a glide through the crystal clear waters of Anoothupuzha on a bamboo raft awaits.