Wayanad Wild- A Room with a View
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Nature for intimate company

The spacious rooms at Wayanad Wild are well-equipped with modern facilities and amenities. Thanks to the chill Wayanadan hills, our rooms do not need air-conditioning. And as a thoughtful bonus from nature, you have a jungle to peep out at from your window for inspiration and wonder.
The balconies give you a stunning view of the tree lines further down the slope. Salvaged ship-wood and bamboo accessories lend a warm and earthy counterpoint to the light steel structures that are built without removing the trees on the sloped terrain; together defining the living experience here!
Wayanad Wild is close to the edge of a forest reserve where the greens appear unbounded. No television screen can match this natural spectacle and as such you will not find a TV in your room. We would prefer that you got all your shows from nature; live, wild and for free, while here. The evenings are marked by birdsong before a campfire is lit and gentle gaiety fills the air.