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Three magic stories that created a Naturalist aspirant Wayanad Wild

In May 2022, we stayed in another property called Wayanad Wild, a CGH group hotel. This is situated at the top of a hill, and about 40 Kms from After the rain. We’ve been regular customers of CGH, and we’ve heard rave reviews about Wayanad Wild. So, our expectation from this property was high. Click here

Heed the Call of the Wilderness Wayanad Wild

Cascading, misty hills. Magical rainforests. The sounds of the wild. Fall in love with natural wonders at Wayanad Wild. Click here

Get To The Heart Of The Wild, Mingle With Pristine Nature ˗ Destination Kerala Wayanad Wild ˗ March 2017 Wayanad Wild

Wayanad: A bumpy road just after the hairpin bends on the Ghat road leads up to CGH Earth’s ‘Wayanad Wild’ ( in Lakkidi. The bone-rattling journey up through the rainforest in the resort’s four-wheel-drive was a good preparation for the wonders that lie ahead. The air was filled with the chirping sound of crickets, and from the winding road, I could see the gates of Wayanad Wild. Click here