Dining from a Melting Pot

Eating at Brunton Boatyard’s History Restaurant is literally a journey through history. Each dish reflects a different community. And 30 different communities living in Kochi all tell their own special story.

Cutlets speak of an Anglo Indian heritage. Fish lovers savoring the flavor of Samak Bil Harder Asful are transported to Arabia. There's Fish Moilee with its Syrian Christian roots. The Vindaloo transports you to the time of Vasco da Gama. Finish it with a Dutch Pudding with a lingering trace of cinnamon. 


At the History Restaurant, these cuisines have been given a new lease of life, recreated faithfully each evening by chefs who did their research in the best place possible - with the old families of Cochin.


First Class Railway Mutton Curry

One of our signature dishes, the First Class Railway Mutton Curry is made from a secret recipe. The mutton is cooked in a brass pot for six whole hours. This allows the spices to infuse and makes the mutton both mild and tender.


The story goes that an English army officer, while travelling in a train, found himself ravishingly hungry. He followed his nose to the pantry car where a spicy mutton curry was simmering. He was offered a taste, whence he burnt his tongue because of the spices. The helpful cook reduced the pungency with some coconut milk and served it up. From that day on this became a staple on all First Class Compartments of the train.

A Simple Secret

When people ask us for the main ingredient in a particular dish, we always give them the same answer. Freshness. The fish on your plate was offloaded from the nets the very same morning. The spices it has been seasoned in were freshly purchased from the wholesale spice market at Jew Street. 


If we can’t get fresh ingredients, we won’t serve that dish. Simple. 

Evenings in Port

One side of the Armoury Cafe is a warm, intimate space, just perfect for a long evening of Sundowners and tall stories. Try a few of the bartenders special concoctions examine the old flintlocks on the wall and ruminate on life's meaning.

“The Brunton gets a daily delivery of the fresh, free-range mud crabs We buy live crabs, that way we know for sure that they have been freshly caught. before we serve them for dinner.”


Chef Ajeeth Janardhan