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We believe that the earth is what sustains and keeps us. It is a truth we understand deeply and we let it inspire and influence every aspect of our operations.
We have also come to realise that working with the earth is a two way project. We need to give back as much, perhaps more, than we take from her to keep things in balance and working well. Eco systems and local environments are delicate and interconnected. It takes a lot of understanding and care to ensure that they are not impacted negatively. This awareness has led to various initiatives to preserve and nurture biodiversity, the most notable of which was the planting of mangroves in Kumarakom to contain erosion of this vast, beautiful but fragile wetland ecosystem that supports innumerable indigenous species of flora and fauna.

Resource use is critical to achieving sustainability and we take pains not to stress our resource bases, water and energy, always seeking ways to replenish that which we take.

Harvesting Rainwater

Water is a precious and scarce resource at our wellness resort, Swaswara. Rain water harvesting ponds dot the resort’s landscape to capture and preserve all the rain that we get. It helps us towards greater self sufficiency. We have also taken this practice to our neighborhood by setting up a rainwater collection system for a local school near our resort.

Nurturing a rare cow breed

Few resorts can boast of cows in their gardens and permit guests to interact with them closely. Coconut Lagoon is a home and museum to the rare breed of cows that originate from a region nearby called Vechoor, and after which they are named. This unique breed of indigenous cattle, recognised by their short stature, are dying out and we at Coconut Lagoon are hoping to revive it through our small but committed interventions for its wellbeing.

Turning to the sun for power

We are conscious of power scarcity and are constantly seeking ways to reduce our burden on the grid. Solar power accounts for up to 75% of our energy needs at Spice Village and supports almost all operations, barring a few. We are committed to attaining 100% self reliance in energy in the near future.