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Local Ethos
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CGH Earth experiences are defined prominently by their local character, which embraces the very soul of each destination.
In other words, every CGH property, while bearing its own distinct identity, has a local address that makes it one with the region - its rich landscapes, the people who live there and their distinct ways of life!
Your holiday experiences will become an extension of the life of the villages and towns where each resort is located. They are designed to sharpen your vision and heighten your understanding of the intricacies of each community around you as you get immersed in their warmth, colour, diversity and wisdom.

Roof thatching - tribal style

The cottages in Spice Village are inspired by the humble homes of the Mannan tribal community of the Periyar Forest region, ancient dwellers of this land. We call upon them every year to thatch our guest huts with elephant grass that grows abundantly in this region. Through this exchange we have enabled the continuity of a traditional practice that has an environmentally positive impact for the region where we operate. It also helps to preserve a skill that is unique in this time and age.

Ahoy! A floating tea shop

Life in the backwaters of Kumarakom is a never ending box of delightful surprises. To illustrate, we have Chaya Chechi , an endearing lady from the village nearby, who rows in to Coconut lagoon to serve you delicious home made tea (chaya) and small snacks out of her little canoe and to exchange stories of her life in the village. Do make this an event to look forward to during your stay with us here.

Imbibing local customs

Kolams are ritualistic patterns drawn with rice flour outside Tamil homes to invite auspiciousness. They are also artistically appealing on account of their complexity and geometric intricacy. Our people, who hail from local communities, bring these practices into our hotels making them living showcases for tradition and local customs.