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We consider our properties to be grand tributes to time and take care of them as we would a monument or museum filled with precious artifacts from a bygone but rich period.
The compass of history and heritage guides our sensibilities and informs our choice of locations and properties. It also influences how we showcase them to the world. Extra pains are taken to highlight the presence of the past in our properties through careful restoration and thoughtful interventions that pay homage to history and heritage as much as it pays attention to elevating guest experiences.Truly, heritage is more than an aspect of our brand character. It is the ground beneath us, keeping us rooted in our vision even as we change with the times. It helps us make the past relevant to the future.

Caring for Kerala’s famed wooden houses

The villas and cottages at Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom represent a unique architectural language and craftsmanship that is on the decline. It attempts to re-create a Kerala village of yore with dwelling styles rooted in a distinctly agrarian heritage of this region. The wood in these structures were taken from traditional timber mansions - tharavadus - that were facing imminent collapse with time and age. These were dismantled with care, transported and meticulously reassembled at this backwater retreat using the special skills and knowledge of local craftsmen who were still familiar with the complexities of these structures that involved intricate woodwork, geometry and aesthetics. In a sense you are holidaying in a living museum that showcases the unique building technologies of a past when the best and only tools one had were one’s hands, eyes and heart.

Conserving a century old Chettiar mansion

The Chettiars are a prominent trading community of Tamil Nadu known for their opulent homes. Grandness of scale and innovative building techniques was what charcterised them. Many of these stately homes fell into disuse after their original inhabitants had either passed away or moved on. Visalam was one such property that came to us with a unique history. At its center was the touching story of a father’s love for his daughter for whom it was comissioned and after whom it was named. We were determined to restore it to its original grandeur and spared no expense or thought in this endeavor in which we were ably assisted by designers, heritage conservationists and local craftspeople. It took us two and a half years to carefully restore this beautiful 100 year old home to the same state that would have made its original builders and occupants proud. Visalam today stands at a historic intersection, lending itself beautifully to the needs of a boutique hotel while still beaming forth its unique architectural heritage.

Revering colonial fusion architecture

CGH Earth in its commitment to preserve heritage buildings partnered closely with INTACH, Pondicherry, to restore an old mansion from dilapidation and abandonment. Maison Perumal is an old home in the Tamil quater of the former French colony of Pondichery that is a unique blend of European and vernacular architectural styles built more than a half century ago by a prominent Tamil family. These elements are still evident in this boutique hotel that unites two worlds effortlessly providing our guests with an atmosphere filled with history and elegance as much as with our other distinctive trademarks – gracious hospitality, gastronomic delights and great experiences!