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CGH Earth is a people friendly conglomerate. We consider them to be the bricks in our moral edifice, the cells in our organizational body. They are the shining faces behind our success and the backbone of our numerous achievements.
They range from our employees, vendors and service providers to all those who occupy our operational space at our different destinations - from the ones who greet you and fete you at our welcome lounges to the local guide whose services we engage to show you around his town. Our extensive and happy relations with ‘people’ over time and space - 50 + years and a few thousand individuals - make us more of a family than a company. And the ones to benefit most from this wonderful arrangement are our guests, who also become part of this large, loose-knit but happy group eventually to our delight.

Ramu Chettiar & Family

Ramu Chettiar is more than a CGH Earth employee at Visalam. He is an extended member of our family who understands our ethos intimately and is able to communicate its nuances to our guests. There is none better than him to take you around the environs of Chettinad and explain its special history. As part of his grand local tour he will invite you to visit his 150 year old ancestral home that will take you into the very heart of this unique culture of the Nattukottai Chettiars of southern Tamilnadu.


Ashok is associated with Maison Perumal,our distinct heritage property in Pondicherry. A native of this dreamy coastal town rich in colonial history dating back to the French in India, Ashok knows everything about Pondicherry, in particular its architectural lineage and legacy. You will spend delightful hours with him as you walk down Pondicherry’s captivating promenades and boulevards to understand the rich legacy of this town and how it is our responsibility as visitors to also respect it.

Purushan Chettan

Purushan chettan , as he is fondly called, is a healer of the highest order. A trained ‘Vaidyan’ in the ayurvedic tradion of medicine, he cultivates a herbal garden near our beach property in Marari. It is this herbarium that provides him with the ingredients to make formulated oils and other preparations that are used in our wellness therapies at all our properties.