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Every region has its own unique character and this is invariably expressed through its culinary creations.
In our commitment to highlight the ‘local’ in all our experiences we take pains to integrate ethnic food preparations into our menus so that our guests get to actually taste local tradition in a most enjoyable and compelling way. Ethnic food and local preparations are also wholesome and fresh apart from being novel and alluring. It has been said that “you are what you eat”. We at CGH Earth would add that this is even more so when you eat local!!

Connecting through Cooking

Food is central to our life and business. The variety we serve up is a testament to our passion for and curiosity about great food.We have always approached cooking as an art form worthy of deep thought and detail. And like art we have also come to see that food has the power to communicate and connect with people intimately. It provides space for great social bonding. The learning of a recipe is an adventure through new worlds of culture, preferences, seasons and techniques. To facilitate this we conduct cooking sessions at our resorts for our guests. They are interactive and filled with information, creativity and the delight of discovery. And remember, the take away from these great cooking sessions is more than just a new food recipe, a striking new flavor or a novel thought process. You will come to appreciate unique ways of life as chanelled though local food customs.

The local in the global

Food - how we grow, source and consume it - is where the local meets the global in small but significant ways. At CGH Earth we have a policy of including as much of the local into our daily bread to make it more fresh and wholesome for our guests. There are farms and gardens at some of our properties that grow fruits,vegetables and herbs for our kitchens. We also source from local farmers a variety of produce to increase the contents of our local larder. The purpose behind this drive of ours is a two fold one : to fortify our recipes by including locally grown ingredients in them and, as importantly, to support the local farming economies in and around our destinations. Going local also brings us unexpected environmental benefits. It helps us reduce our food miles and our carbon footprints.

As Authentic as it gets

Authenticity is a facet of all local culture. It goes for cuisine too. We make it a point to explore and integrate local foods into our menus. Our chefs take pains to understand the histories of local dishes and the special ingredients that make up their unique character. It is both a journey of discovery and a labor of love for us. It is how we pay homage to food styles and traditions that define a region and its people. Our restaurants offer you the best way to discover local culinary secrets and delights known to very few in the outside world.