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CGH Earth understands the significance of eco systems only too well in this age and time of environmental fragility and climate change. All our resorts are planned and built with nature and people in mind.
At CGH Earth we believe that we are but custodians of the land and the resources upon them, which have been leased to us by nature for our use. Their care and replenishment fall upon us, as do their prudent use. It is a pact that we take seriously both in our own interests and those of the regions where we are present.

No one has to tell us that renewal ought to be finely balanced with consumption. Conservation is embedded in our brand DNA. Nature is more than just a cosmetic display at our properties. It is playing critical roles in our operations too.

Preserving natural habitats

The environment is not a means to an end for us. Its upkeep and care are stated objectives of our vision that we bear in mind always and which drive all our initiatives. We have taught ourselves to touch nature with sensitive hands - protecting fragile ecosystems,conserving local flora and fauna and taking measures to save water and energy.

Keeping our lakes clean

As a mandatory practice we do not discharge any waste from our boats into the lake and we work with local governing bodies to educate and spread the message of good environmental practices.

Saying no to plastic

Packaged water in plastic bottles has become a grave environmental issue for the hospitality industry. In our efforts to reduce our waste burden we now bottle and serve purified rainwater in glass bottles that can be reused.